Thursday, August 10, 2017

NY And Other Large Metropolitan Areas Have Highest Wage Inequality: Map

From MarketWatch, "Why there’s so much inequality in big U.S. cities" by Jillian Berman:
Run through a list of some of the most populated metropolitan areas in the country — New York City, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago — and they all have something in common besides their size. They’re extremely unequal.

In all of these cities, wages for workers in the top 10% of earners are six to seven times those of workers in the bottom 10%, according to a report published Thursday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. While income inequality has been ticking up nationally since the 1980s, it’s now particularly pronounced in large metropolitan areas, according to the New York Fed.

“Larger metropolitan areas tend to be more unequal than smaller metropolitan areas and that was not always true,” Jaison Abel, a research officer at the New York Fed, told reporters Thursday.

Map of US Metropolitan Wage Inequality
Source: MarketWatch

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